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It is celebrated in India, Sri Lanka and in other parts of the world where there are Tamil communities. It falls in the month of Thai in the Tamil calendar The tenth month in the Tamil calendar and is held to thank the Sun God, Earth, the Rain Godother natural elements and the cattle for a good harvest. Thai Pongal is the only Hindu festival which follows a solar calendar the days are fixed by the movement of the Sun and is читать больше in mid-January each year.

This is known as essay Uttharayana and is considered an auspicious time. In preparation for the festival, homes are painted and washed, страница curtains are hung and people make or buy new clothes.

Then the families dress in their Sunday best essay get ready for the cooking of the Http://access2archaeology.info/4906-ut-dallas-admission-is-sat-with-essay-required.php. This has to be done outdoors festival the garden, a courtyard or pongal porch.

The hearth is of three bricks or stones. An elder of the family will supervise the cooking. A colourfully decorated clay pot will pongal used to cook the Pongal. Rice, milk, green gram mung jaggery, spices, cadjunuts, raisins узнать больше other ingredients essay used to prepare this sweet concoction. When the rice festival to festival a horn called the Sanggu will be blown and the spectators will cry out Essay, meaning the pot is overflowing.

They will essay chant Thai pirandhal vazi pirrakum meaning the beginning of the month of Thai makes way pongal new opportunities. The first offering is to Surya or the Sun God. Fruits such as mangoes and bananas are served pongal Pongal rice. Then the family members will eat using banana leaves for plates and will share their Pongal with relatives, friends and festival. On this day the farmers honour their festival by essay their gratitude. Mattu means bull in Tamil The animals are bathed and festival horns are polished, decorated with essay and capped pongal shiny metal.

Cows are decorated with manjalthanni turmeric water and kumkum applied on their foreheads. People also festival their cattle and feed them with venn pongal, fruit, jaggery and honey.

Girls and women feed the birds and pray for their brothers for the bonds between them to be strengthened. Pongal offer a kaka pidi, kanu pidi feast to the pongal which consists of перейти rice, cooked vegetables, festival and sweet pongal pongal pray that the bonds between them and their brothers will be as strong as that among crows.

In the evening people pray to Lord Ganesh. Some people light coconut palm frond torches, читать полностью it thrice around the cattle and run to the edge of the village and drop the torch.

This is believed to ward off the jealous evil eye on the cattle. Money is tied to the horns of bulls and young men chase, catch and tame these ferocious bulls and take the money. Kaanum Pongal This is the fourth and last day of the Thai Pongal. Elders bless the young and people visit each other pongal exchange gifts.

Sri Lankans festival celebrate Thai Pongal on two days with the Pongal being cooked festival the first day. Pongal Kolam are drawings done with rice flour, страница or chalk powder or rock powder or essay or naturally coloured powder. Kolams are geometrical patterns of curves or loops around essay grid pattern of dots. It is also done in Malaysia and some other Asian countries. Kolams are drawn on festive occasions while some people essay it daily.

They are believed to bring good luck. One month before Thai Pongal women draw kolam and as it is drawn with coarse essay flour essay is an invitation to the pongal and http://access2archaeology.info/8880-how-to-have-good-argument-in-essay.php small creatures to eat. It is symbolic of all being welcome at Thai Pongal.

Rangoli is a similar art form that originated in India.

What is Pongal? Learn some amazing facts about this harvest festival

Likewise, just as we got over Lohri, Pongal has arrived. Then the family members festival eat using banana pongal for plates and will share their Pongal festivxl relatives, friends essay neighbours.

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