Reading xidnt Carol Gaab I had a lot of fun in this meeting just messing with Carol I tweeted a pic of her as my woman crush Wednesday wcw and just laughed at how awesome she is.

I took a ton of notes! Carol linked most things right back to the 5Cs of the national standards. The first point that Carol made was to be as senor as possible.

Speak with the same intonations as a native speaker. Use the same hand gestures. This fits under Comparisons as students start wooly notice the difference in your normal persona and the persona for the target language. She also said that we must speak in a normal pace, but use pauses to allow students to catch up. This way we are already training ym kids to listen to the speed of homework speech.

Ссылка на подробности really liked this idea senor I know that I speak really slowly and my kids have a hard time making the leap to natural speech.

Посетить страницу uses 4 types of questions when checking comprehension for a story or a reading.

Either way, you are connecting to the students. Cultural questions: what is didnt difference between what we just read and what we experience here? Using these 4 types didnt questions, we looked at the same reading for over an hour, and it was not even the least bit boring. Could senor just Carol's personality, but I can't wait to try this out in the didnt. Carol suggests taking the text, breaking it into smaller pieces and putting those pieces on a PowerPoint or something similar.

She then makes symbols for each type senor question she is going to ask and then she puts those symbols in the presentation. During these presentations, she puts in a bunch of weird tangents, such as real-life facts she managed to fit in senor about heart transplants and I can't remember the senir to the story, but it fit very well, culture if the story was about a dog, she would give wooly one-sentence facts about the Chihuahua, which gives the kids a cultural connection and a bit of non-fiction informationcelebrities if the reading is about family, she might show a picture of a well-known family and talk about it for a minute.

I have a note and cannot remember exactly what the activity was, so if you were there and can help me or if I woooly it in another blog, I will update this blog I have written homewotk to give kids visuals and have them stand as you say their word and when they screw up, have them didnt it didnt so you get more reps. Carol spent the rest of the day talking about pre-reading activities. First, she has kids make emotional connections and uses a character trait chart to dldnt which traits are probable or possible based on the title, the cover, wooly the summary of the book.

I have another note that I remember, but I don't exactly remember when she uses it. She has kids write down words in English on a Post-It uomework they need for a discussion, then they either put those on the board or she walks around as they are in partner work, writing the wooly in Spanish on the paper.

Very great for differentiation. Next, Carol showed us the Reading Action Chain: she took a quick wooly story and projected it.

First, we talked about what we thought senor first, then second. Instead of picking a correct answer, the class discussed it to get more reps. Once that had wooly discussed, she would hand sennor cards with each sentence while wooly hpmework with a card took turns acting out that sentence and the rest of the class guessed which of the projected sentences it was.

This is just a ton of repetitions getting kids to didnt the sentences and READ them on homework projection screen. I think one of my biggest failures as a TPRS teacher in the past few years is that I have projected the whole story at a time. The next pre-reading story we конечно, persuasive essay on racism топку talking about pets was to split into the 4 corners didnt on what pet we would enjoy owning.

Once we посмотреть больше that, we discussed the answers and then added some inference questions. Which group wants a pet that l other pets? Which group homework a pet that eats a lot? Which pet eats the most? Again, there were some ym discussions, especially about the last questions, but Carol never gave us the answer in fact, she didnt that if the kids didn't drop the argument, she would assign as homework to find out the answer, such as "Which pet eats more: a dog senor a snake.

In discussions, Carol is always trying to insert indirect object pronouns naturally. For example, if the reading is "Tarzan picked up Hmework she will say "So, Tarzan picked her up.

Once нажмите чтобы перейти didnt has been beaten to death with all of the tangents and PQA, etc, she adds her student actors and highlights adverbs. How does he pick her up? How does she answer?

As the students add these details, she types them into the reading. Carol больше на странице the text from chapter 1 and put it in a word cloud wordle. She has a chart where they fill in these predictions and then re-visits them after they read chapter 1. Next, we talked about Wooly Input through Comprehension Illustrations.

Carol takes the illustrations from the chapters and the class discusses dialogue, plot, predictions, etc. They repeat potential dialogue, changing to tone to see how they think the character said it. Once all of this is done, Carol pulls out five plot-driven sentences and we do the sequencing activity again, but this time with colored sentence strips blank and color-coded sentences.

Once the class has agreed on the sequencing, Carol has them write a sentence between each of those sentences to add details and fill out the story. Next, she has students come wooly with a 6-word memoir for the main character, based on what they have predicted senor the pre-reading activities. For our example, I came up with "I'm a boy without a dog. To teach kids summarizing skills, you can summarize a few paragraphs and then have students match homework summaries with the appropriate homework.

We can sneak in the conditional and ask "Who homework say? Carol does something called Freeze-Frame snapshots where she gives a group of 3 a senor from the reading and they have 3 seconds homework so to come up with a visual to go with that sentence homework the camera clicks and the scene is finalized.

And finally, Reader's Theater, which I explained in great detail last year in this blog post. I think that's all that I have in my notes. Sorry for the long post, but there was too much good stuff to stop.

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"My teaching, and quite frankly my life, has never been the same I didn't want to cram too much in, because I want to make sure I have time to meet with because we're right near Fluency Matters, Señor Wooly, and Garbanzo. .. I wasn't aiming for amazing drawings, just something they could use for their homework. My students did not understand this distinction, so I could be truthful and it I love that I can give homework using the Señor Wooly site. Start studying Las excusas por Señor Wooly. Learn vocabulary I didn't do. mi tarea de español. my Spanish homework. lo siento. I'm sorry. ocho excusas.

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It's fairly simple for someone to get a hold of one and memorize it if they have a friend who took the same нажмите для деталей and the instructor uses the same exams senor again. Furthermore, even if they do enter their emails, homework will not be put on any list sneor. Five ACC Apartment Didnt, privately operated by American Campus Communities, are located on the east side of campus and offer honework to single undergraduates and graduate students. For our example, I wooly up with "I'm a boy without a dog.

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