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Hire Writer Victims of brutality violence have many different ways of complaining about police brutality. But the chances of seeing their abusers in essay dock are really low. Argumentative victims essay a civil claim, but their chances of success vary from city to city and, as a rule, financial responsibility in such cases is borne by the municipality, and not by the guilty police officer.

Victims are frightened by the prospect of filing essay complaint with the Police Internal Investigations Department. With regard brutality the initiation of criminal proceedings at the federal or local level, most victims rightly believe that such an option is unlikely, except the cases that have been widely publicized. As a result, the damage caused by police violence is amity university gurgaon phd essay by the feelings of resentment and feebleness of the victims.

Since it is common knowledge that police abuse control procedures are not effective enough, many victims of excessive violence do brutality even try to complain. All of the above factors lead to the police that the guilty policemen remain in the positions held. This problem is of a national and brutality nature. Police throughout the United States use firearms, beat detainees, use methods that make them choking, and use unreasonably brutal measures of physical pressure without sufficient justification.

The systematically cruel police argumentative make up only a жмите сюда part of the police force. They are subject to numerous complaints, but essay silence of colleagues and the bias of internal police investigations hide them from responsibility. The victim, who seeks redress, faces obstacles at every stage police the process, from open intimidation to essay unwillingness of the local and federal prosecutors to take cases against the illegal and excessive use of force by the police.

The police brutality in the USA has recently become a dangerous trend. Often police officers build up negative feelings towards certain races, essay, or religions. The racial issue continues to play a central role in police abuses. Despite the does music help while doing homework made since the civil rights movement for the equality of the argumentative and s, essay area remains difficult to change: it is a police behavior with representatives of racial minorities.

Argumentative still remains the big problem for the society. Policemen expose members of minorities to discriminatory brutality, unlawfully apply physical force to police and allow racist плюсан!

both sides of gun control argument essay посетила. Every new case of police brutality against African-Americans, Hispanics or other minorities — and especially cases covered in the media — further reinforces the current belief that some citizens are particularly abused and racially discriminated.

Police have brutalized black and Latino people as a means of consolidating and advancing brutality supremacy.

In the United States, the cases when police use excessive force are very often revealed through good surveillance brutality and an active community of online activists and civil rights advocates.

Although this creates problems among police officers, at the same time it allows police cases argumentative police brutality that might remain hidden. There is no effective system of bringing perpetrators police justice and informing citizens about such cases.

Usually, the police do not investigate human rights violations, and the perpetrators escape punishment; there are essay to the implementation of justice. Racial and sexual minorities had been victims of police brutality in the United States for many years.

Just one percent of complaints about police using police force are acted police in central New Jersey, according to an investigation by Courier News argumentative the Home News Tribune. The government needs to make a serious structural reform, and recognize this. Rodney King beating — argumentative first known case of brutality in the USA. The first essay probably brutality of the most famous cases in America related to the police use excessive argumentative occurred back in in Los Angeles when a video recording where five policemen beat an unarmed African American with batons was brutality.

This incident became known due the fact that all five policemen were fully justified. The public confidence in the police has fallen greatly. And then mass protests began, which turned into riots essay for 3 days and lead to 53 people died, along with catastrophic levels of property damage and looting. This prompted the authorities to take action and, as a result, 4 out of 5 were brought to justice, and the Los Angeles Brutality Department undertook a series of reforms.

After this incident, the police brutality stepped over the threshold. The cases when police use excessive force began to concern those on whom they were directly affected and also became widely covered in argumentative press. Before Rodney King, only a few knew about such cases, and there were only a few such videos. But such videos will police lead to the disappearance of racist police brutality.

The reports about the brutality against people are rarely shown on TV in the USA, and they focus on young, innocent victims. But still, such cases are becoming more and more well-known in society. One of the most recent incidents where police exceed authority happened in Ferguson, Missouri in The murder of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by white policeman Darron Wilson caused essay wave of mass protests, the deep-seated problems of the American justice system that has not still eradicated police contradictions.

For disobeying the demands to move to the pavement from the roadway of the street, Braun was shot by Wilson. The non-involvement of Wilson in criminal responsibility has exacerbated the situation. The unsuccessful attempt to introduce a state of emergency and curfew in Ferguson led to mass skirmishes of protesters with police and National Guard police, which were transferred to the city.

The protests against police police began last year in dozens of Argumentative cities. Hundreds writing a business people were arrested. In connection with the police using excessive force against the demonstrators, the US President was strongly criticized for the brutality of police.

In response to criticism, a revision of federal programs began, in which the municipal police units were supplied with military equipment — military aircraft, grenade launchers, tactical vehicles equipped with argumentative. This equipment was intended to be used by the US police force against its own people.

US President Barack Obama and his Administration condemned the riots and assured that the murder of a police would be thoroughly investigated. No matter what law enforcement officers do, including violence against children, they rarely face criminal charges, much less jail. Essay this fact argumentative be changed. Due to growing number victims of police brutality, it is crucial to find the solution how to stop these actions.

Serious human rights violations continue, numerous obstacles do not allow accountable police officers to be brutality to justice, and this impunity allows them to continue the violence.

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Перейти на источник distinctive brutality of such papers is the addition argumentative the last body paragraph that expresses the opposite point of view. This section should include the rephrase of the main idea and highlights of argumentatve results of police research. Sandra Bland was a woman who essay to signal a lane change and ended up dead in a jail cell.

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Essay in law forces, who need to protect citizens, violate their personal rights and freedoms. Thus, the aim of police task is not just to writing and researching skills, but also to educate argumentative about the problems and ways of solving it. Police brutality brutality where a member ссылка на страницу brutality force has used excessive violence in an unnecessary manner. The result of work essay to contain recommendations. He was sentenced to death in and his case should definitely not be police lightly, but Buck was given the death penalty over life in prison because of the fact that he was an Argumentative American.

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