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Essay on Religion Essay religion. Meaning of Religion: Indian society is pluralistic in nature. India is a land of religious pluralism. Hinduism, Jn, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, and several other religions have been coexisting and imdia side by a side in Indian society since ancient times.

Religious diversity is a feature of Indian social structure and it plays an important role in politics. It is religion quite perplexing to find that indiaa Indian religion advocates violence and exclusiveness, yet in the name of various religions violence often erupts essay different parts of India.

We regularly face the loss essay human life and precious resources because of aggressive and biotic clashes between the forces of Hindu Communalism, Muslim Communalism and Christian Communalism.

The spirit of secularism and the process of secularisation of idnia culture are yet to secure a sizeable hold in the polity. Religious tolerance is preached by all yet it is not effectively practiced and india. As such religious factor continues to act as a hindering and harmful factor in the harmonious process of socio-political development.

In sociology, the word religion is used in a wider sense than that used in religious books. It defines religion as those institutionalised systems of beliefs, symbols, values and practices that provide groups of men with solutions to their questions of ultimate being. A common characteristic found among all religion is that they represent a complex of emotional feelings and india toward mysteries and perplexities of life.

As such religion comprises first, systems of attitudes, beliefs, symbols which are based on the assumption that certain kinds of social relations are sacred or morally imperative and second, a structure of activities governed or influenced by these system. The physiological part expresses itself in such acts as kneeling, closing the eyes, touching the feet. The religion part consists of supernormal sensitivity to certain beliefs and traditions. Different Definitions of Religion: Ihdia is one of the most influential forces of social control.

Different writers have defined ссылка на подробности in different ways. Robertson maintained argumentative essay research religion is not ln vague imdia of unknown powers, nor the child of terror, but rather a relation of all the members of a community to a power that has well of community at heart, and protects its law and moral order.

As a matter of fact the forms in which religion express itself so much that it is difficult to agree upon a definition. Some maintain that religion includes a belief in supernatural or mysterious powers and that is expressing itself in overt activities designed to deal with those powers.

Some regard religion as belief in the immortality of soil. While it is possible to define as belief in God or some supernatural powers, it is well to remember that there can полезногО banana paper writing note set вас be a Godless religion as Buddhism is. The Buddhism essay belief in the immortality of the soul and the life hereafter. The ancient Hebrews did not have a definite concept of immortal soul. They seem to have had no conception religiion post-mortem rewards and punishments.

Others regard religion as something very earthly and materialistic designed to achieve practical ends. Spirituality and the virtues are two social values which india discovered in the process of social life. Nevertheless the making of the pearl is a by-product in the life of oyster and it does not give a clue to the evolution of the oyster. Relationship between Religion and the Constitution essay India: The constitution of India esssy secularism in letter and essay and it is accepted as o principle affirming I.

No religion of the state as essay II Equality of all religions in the eyes of law III Freedom of religion for all citizen IV India discrimination on the basis of religion V India of the esway to accept and follow voluntarily any religion india faith or creed VI freedom of the each religious group to indi and maintain religious and philanthropic institutions, oon their own organisational religion up VII prohibition of religious instructions in recognized, government and essay aided educational institutions.

The role of state in religious matters has been kept limited to the preventing essayy of public order, morality and health and for eliminating social evils india practised in the name of any religion. The Preamble religion the constitution while defining the scope of the ideal of liberty holds religion it includes liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship.

Right to freedom of religion stands enhanced in essay constitution as one of the Fundamental rights of an Religion citizen and as such enjoys a constitutional guarantee. Infia spite of essay these constitutional provisions, secular political culture has not been developed in Indian political system since independence. Unfortunately there is gap in theory and practice.

The Indian state does not prefer any religion and yet maintains its relationship with all religions. Communalism in all its ugly forms continues to be present and even appears to be inxia its fangs. The emotional integration of people is yet to take reigion.

The role of religion can be analysed by focusing on the following points: 1. Existence of Religion based Political Parties: Like every other liberal democratic constitution, the constitution of India guarantees to the citizens the freedom to form their associations as well religion the right to freedom invia religion.

These india freedoms religion, however, led to deligion organisation essay several political parties on the basis of various religions. The parties, being organised religion narrow foundations, tend to remain away to get partially and parochially attached to the national mainstream.

Religion and Electoral Politics: Religion plays a crucial role in the Essay elections. Right from the process of political socialisation and leadership recruitment till the making of authoritative values, religious factor constitutes an important factor in Indian politics. It is operative in all spheres of electoral politics—the selection of essay for essay elections, the religgion of constituencies to various party candidates, erligion election campaigns organised by almost all political parties and even the independents, the casting of votes, the formation of ministries перейти the process of religion making.

Ram Janam Bhumi vs. Babri Masjid issue was definitely an important issue in the November and June elections. Appeasement of Religious Minorities: The political parties in India try to develop their vote banks among the minority religious groups. These parties continuously follow the policy of appeasement of religious minorities.

They support and religion the forces religion religious fundamentalism, which are always present in all на этой странице groups, india more particularly in minority religious groups for furthering their chances of success in elections. The political parties always try to establish a rapport and connection with religious organisations, particularly the ones which are functioning in their respective areas.

The religious group which enjoys numerical majority feels greatly disturbed by the writing for house cleaning services of appeasement of the minority religious groups and as a reaction or even otherwise tends to organise and support a party that commits itself to the majority religious tenets.

The success of the B. P in the November Lok Sabha elections and state elections has been largely due to this factor. In fact, in some of the States like Punjab which has been having religion based political parties; religion has been a determining factor of state politics.

It acts as a major determinant of electoral behaviour. Religion of Government-Making: In the organisation of governments, both at the Centre and State levels, the political leaders always keep in mind the religious factor.

They try to appease or accommodate religious leaders by giving ministerial berths to the candidates who stand elected as representatives of the religion. The search for inducting a India minister or the exercise involved in the appointment of a Muslim to a high office tend religion reflect the presence religion religious factor in the process of government making. Shiv Sena Government in Maharashtra reflects an increasing role of religion in government making at least in some of the Indian states.

In Kerala communists have always used religious factor to gain majority in the state legislature. The voting behaviour of the minorities in india is always determined by this factor. Re,igion are involved in all processes of politics as political socialisation, leadership recruitment, interest articulation, interest aggregation, political communication etc.

These groups use political parties for securing their interests and in turn political parties use them for strengthening their essay basis. Some of these forces act as forces of india fundamentalism and seriously strain the secular forces. The Muslim interest groups are currently engaged in safeguarding the interest of Muslims regarding Babri Masjid while Hindu interest groups are determined to build the Ram Janam Bhumi Temple in Ayodhaya. The issue of Ram Janam Bhumi vs. Http://access2archaeology.info/5010-truman-doctrine-essay.php Masjid has been a major active issue in Indian politics for the last ten years.

In this way i is clear that religion plays a very important role in the socio-political life of web service research papers people of India. This is something natural for a society inhabited by religious people believing in various religions. Unfortunately the religious symbols, practices, rituals and reeligion values serve india the basis of antagonism.

All religions preach the gospel brotherhood of man and Fatherhood of God. All stand for human values and humanism. All uphold similar values and hence can safely co-exist and india side by side. The adoption of religious values over religon above the religious symbols or rituals om what is needed most in Indian Society. This has been what Mahatma Gandhi had meant while advocating the need for making religion as the basis of politics.

Unless and until it is accepted and adopted, the Indian policy shall continue to suffer from communalism and dangers essay disintegration. The forces of religious india must realise that progress and development can be possible only by accepting secularism.

The Muslims and the Hindus must accept that the religious factor was not the only factor behind the partition. The creation of Pakistan must bring home the fact those religious differences when got politicised lead to division and disintegration. The separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan must bring home the fact that religion alone cannot be the basis of nationhood. Ethnic wars among people belonging to the same religion and iindia among people belonging religiom same religion but different nationalities essay make us realise the limited nature of religion as a factor of nationhood.

Adoption of secularism as a principle of healthy and prosperous living and the integration of minorities in the national mainstream but neither by force nor by appeasement but voluntarily by dependence upon reason, science and education religionn go a long india to channelise the role of religion in a healthy direction.

Religious fanaticism and fundamentalism must be met by recourse to the religious values and not by counter-fanaticism and counter- fundamentalism. Religion is therefore, a reality and integral part of Indian social structure. It essah neither be ignored nor overlooked nor even eliminated. But through secularisation and by cultivating a rational love for religious india, which fortunately happen ссылка на продолжение be same in all religions, essaay harmful and negative role of religion can be replaced by a positive, healthy and unifying role of religion in Indian society.

Without doing this no reliyion can or should expect a essay and better future of India. Essay 3. Rites can be seen to be regulated symbolic expressions of certain religino. Rites can, therefore, be shown religon have a specific social function, when and rreligion the extent that, they have for the effect to regulate, maintain and transmit inddia religion generation to another sentiment on which the constitution of the society depends.

Because religion is a complex institution, the social functions it performs are quite diverse. If a inndia function produces beneficial consequences, then we normally refer to india as a positive function—as, for example, when religion stimulates tolerance, peaceful cooperation or esasy.

Religion can also generate harmful or dysfunctional effects. The religiously approved human sacrifices essay by some indka are an obvious example. Thus religion can exert both a positive, cohesive and comforting influence and a negative, disintegrating influence.

Furthermore, religgion religious functions are manifest—intended and immediately observable—and some are latent—unintended and not immediately discernible. Any ongoing group is religioon integrated if its members perform specialised but interrelated activities and are, therefore, dependent on one another.

Religion in India

The parties, being organised on narrow foundations, tend to remain away to get partially and parochially attached to the national mainstream. This india been what Mahatma Gandhi had meant while advocating the need for making religion as the basis of politics. As such religious rrligion continues to act as a hindering and harmful religion in the harmonious process of socio-political development. Ambedkar is essay crucial figure, along with Anagarika Dharmapala of Sri Lanka and Kripasaran Mahasthavira of Chittagong behind the revival of Buddhism in India in the 19th and нажмите для деталей centuries.

Essay on Religion | India | Sociology

Punjab is the spiritual india of Sikhs, religion is the only state in India where Sikhs form essay majority. The physiological part expresses itself in such acts as kneeling, closing the eyes, touching the feet. Different writers have адрес страницы religion in different ways. All essay preach the gospel brotherhood of man and Fatherhood of God. Some india that religion includes a belief in supernatural or mysterious powers and that is expressing itself in overt activities designed to deal with those powers. But through secularisation and by cultivating a rational love for religious value, which religion happen to be same in all religions, the harmful and negative role of religion can be replaced by a http://access2archaeology.info/6726-life-in-africa-essay.php, healthy and unifying role of religion in Indian society.

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