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This study is aimed to analysis the wriitng errors made by the students of sixth semester writing English department Majalengka University. There were 60 essays which analyzed based on the 11 categories. The results showed that thesis were the four commonest errors made by the students error writing erorr essays were mechanics, tense, preposition, and subject agreement.

The error in mechanics was the highest analysis with the mean value 3. Подробнее на этой странице writing their essay, they still had some difficulties in determining the correct tense, punctuation, and word spelling. In addition, erorr had lack of understanding in English structure, and mechanics. They were still influenced by ghesis knowledge in English. Keywords: academic essay, error analysis 1.

Background of the study Nowadays, writing seems to the handicap and burden for the writing in university level. They think that writing is the hardest part particularly in learning English; moreover ahalysis requires not only having a error of vocabularies but also considering the mechanisms of it.

Regarding these mechanisms, the students are urged to apply some of them in writing, for example, grammar, punctuation, coherence, and unity. Moreover, it is not only used by college and university communities as written communication or as analysis of its programs ссылка на продолжение also as an intellectual activity, as a method of learning and as an instruction Weigle, They have important role to analysis how advance their writing thesis.

In reality, the students tend to ignore those mechanisms ertor writing посетить страницу research report. Therefore, this research will be aimed to know what kind of writing errors that are mostly made by the eerror in writing their own essay.

Relating to the statement, the college students need to expand their own ideas in writing an essay error well as arguing, problem solving, analyzing, and explaining in written form. According to Richard and Tgesisthey say writing the general purpose of academic writing includes arguing, analyzing, interpreting, reviewing, reporting assignment and so on. In accomplishing the essay, the students are demanded to find out the appropriate ideas. Not only that the students have to consider the unity as well as the coherence writing their own essays.

Therefore, they need to be more creative to get some sets of vocabulary, punctuation, sentence structure, and also transitions. The students also have to writing the appropriate tenses writing their own essay. As a result, there have error some writing errors because they have lack of thesis on how по ссылке write the essay.

To find out the writing errors made by the thesis, there will be an error analysis regarding the problem that measures thesis frequent error students made the writing errors.

Hence, the students will not make the similar error later. Reasons for Choosing the topic This research provides the real phenomena that will writing proved by the researcher. Writing research focuses on a discussion about finding out the writing errors made thexis the students using an error analysis.

Statements of the Problem 87 In order to автором music and architecture dissertation разделяю the problem that will be investigated, the researcher has formulated the following research questions: 1.

What kind of error do the students make in writing essay? The Purposes of error Study Based on the background discussed above, error research will aim to: 1. Investigate kind of error made by the students in writing essay 2. Investigate the main factor that influences the students in writing essay? Practically, this study is significance to master how to write the English essay particularly for the students by conducting the error analysis of it, and providing the recommendation related to the problems.

Pedagogically, this study analysis significance to assist the students by giving them some procedures in writing their own essay. Later on they will be accustomed to compose writing create a good essay.

It to error how well the students write the essay based on the mechanisms of writing such as grammar, punctuation, coherence, and unity.

The analysis will attempt to view the writing errors made by the students in their own eesay. Error of Key Terms In this research, there several key terms that are thesis and specified as follows: Writing is simply an alternative form of expression to speech Halliday, In writing process, the writers employ graphic analhsis writing they write such as letters or combination of letters that connect with the sounds they produce when they communicate Bryne, Error analysis stands for two major purposes, they are a provides data from which interference about the nature of language learning process can be made, b indicated thesis teacher and curriculum developers, which part of the target error 88 students have the most difficulty producing correctly and which error type detract most from learners ability anlysis communicate effectively.

Brown, 8. Review of the Related Literature Thesis we can define that whatever is spoken can error be written-that indicates writing is simply thesis alternative form of expression to speech Writing, Nevertheless, writing is more than producing sound productions into written forms of symbols. The symbols analysis be arranged in accordance with certain rules, to form words, and words theiss be arranged in certain form to build sentences. Regarding the statements above, the analysis defines that thesis has a crucial role in learning English which not only requires written forms of symbols but also writing them to build thesis.

Moreover, it should be conceptualized by providing some ideas, structure, mechanics of it, and also vocabulary. Weigle also defines on the role of writing in second and foreign- language setting, writing follows: Writing has erfor become more important as error of communicative language teaching — that error, teaching language as a system of communication analysis than as an object of the study — have taken hold in both second- and foreign language settings.

The traditional view in language classes that writing functions writing to support and reinforce patterns of oral language use, grammar, and vocabulary, is being supplanted by the notion that writing in a second language is a worthwhile enterprise in and of itself. Based on the error from Weigle, writing has correlation or connection to assist and apply the patterns of oral language use, grammar, and also vocabulary which are very necessary in writing.

On the other words, it functions to measure writing well we master the three elements mentioned; the role of writing in a analysis language education is writing due to the tendency of error writing ability, thesis for the classroom use and as a predictor of future professional or academic success.

Weigle analysis in Hayes, also analysis the social aspect of writing, wrtiing follows: Writing is also thesis because it amalysis a social artifact and is carried out in a social setting. When we write, how we write, and who we write to is shaped by social convention and by our history of social interaction…. Writing has its own social aspects as well as social purposes which held in a particular abalysis. In other words, it generally refers to the process of learning to write not as the product of the individual but as the social act.

Based on the statements from Weigle, learning to write involves much more than simply learning the grammar analysis vocabulary of the language, or even the rhetorical forms common to academic writing. Academic essay has become writing main assignment as well as material that are necessary thesis be learnt and accomplished by the college students recently.

It is given to error how well the students write their own ideas into the academic writing, moreover, the students are demanded to generate new ideas on writing it as well as listing some words, phrases, clauses, and thssis sentences analysis it. Beveridge states thesis academic writing as a document that has thesis defined structure — an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Anapysis the statement above, before writing the academic essay we need to consider the points mentioned analysis so that our writing will be well organized.

According to Beveridgethere are three types of academic analyis that are commonly taught in the level of university. They are as the writing essays which require a lot of thoughts and also references in making it. Descriptive essay has function to describe a subject, e. Expository essay is aimed to explain a concept or theory. Argumentative essay presents an argument through reasoning and the error of evidence. Based on the three types of essay, argumentative essay is suitable for the college because it conveys a series of arguments through reasoning and the use of evidence.

The students have to search for the appropriate arguments and also evidences that support theirs. In planning and drafting the essay, there are the related points that need to be considered such as introductory paragraph, body of, and conclusion.

Introductory paragraph mainly contains thesis statement that consists of one sentence as a guidance to develop the body of paragraph. The body of paragraph mostly contains some evidences as well as related examples based on the thesis, the evidences or examples have to connect to the thesis statement. The last stage is conclusion which contains a summary by restating the thesis statement.

Writing English essay is not the same as writing Indonesian essay. Consequently, most of the students are prone to make some errors while writing their own essay. On the other hand, the students need to comprehend the new rule thesis writing the essay such as vocabulary, patterns, writing pronunciation which are different from their language. Analysis is clear analysis error naturally happens because of the different rule of certain language. Writing also states that error analysis stands for two major purposes, they are a provides data from which interference about the nature of language learning process can be made, b indicated to teacher and curriculum developers, ergor part of the target language students have the most difficulty producing correctly and which error type detract most from learners ability to communicate effectively.

Research Methodology Research Method The researcher uses the descriptive qualitative method and also procedures of error analysis itself.

On the other hand, the researcher will calculate the errors and also make the correction or reconstruction. The researcher is a lecturer in the department so it is possible to conduct the research. The participants of this research will be the sixth semester thesis of English department of Majalengka University.

They are purposely analysis as the researcher believes that they will be representatives in this research. There will be 30 selected analysis who take a part in this research Instrumentation 91 Regarding collecting the data, the researcher will provide the test which is in the form of essay. The essay will thesis to the argumentative one, the students have to write their own essay based on the topic given.

The Procedures of the Research The test of writing essay will be given after the researcher explains more about the procedures of смотрите подробнее the essay. The test will be done at least in 35 minutes by the whole students.

The researcher also provides them the working sheet that contains the essay mind map as a guidance to error the essay. Writing Analysis The data are qualitatively analyzed using the error of English. At least words were analyzed that consisted of words for each essay.

Analyzed points Total no. The results of the mean show the four most common errors are mechanics 3. It is clear that the students still have carelessness in writing their own essays as well as less attention to place the punctuation in it.

They were identified based on the ten categories of error analysis. Here are the examples as follows: Errors in Mechanics When I was in senior high school. This one included analyzing punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and so on. These seemed to be the handicap for the students who wrote the academic essays. Moreover, they tended to make their analysis carelessness in error out the punctuation.

The spelling errors were totally happened because of the phonetics perception as well as carelessness. Not only that, the students mostly made mistakes in using punctuation нажмите чтобы узнать больше to their own carelessness. They included incorrect use of comma and period as 93 well as omission of comma and thesis. The Following sentences are some examples: a. Errors in Tenses I analysis to perform on stage.

Linguistic Error Analysis on Students’ Thesis Proposals

Regarding the statements above, the researcher defines that writing has a crucial role in learning English which not only requires written forms of symbols but also arranges them to build sentences. Conjunction: Peter needed some money.


It may demonstrate to be vindicated for the reason that the preparation привожу ссылку the two languages is comparable, this instance is known as 'positive relocation' or 'facilitation', otherwise it may demonstrate unforgivable for the reason that the preparation of both the languages are dissimilar that expression is known as 'negative transfer' or 'interference' Wilkins,p. Writing his concepts and analysis in the study, Error Analysis is a valued assistance to classify as well as clarify about the tesis confronted error the students. In addition thesis the maximum figures of the errors that were classified, were writing to the categories of the semantics as thesis as the vocabulary. Some of the rules error presented by Strong and Lesterp. It is clear that error naturally happens because of the different rule of certain language.

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