Winter General Between the paving stones comes blooms so bold and tall, giving of their aroma to the summer-infused breeze.

For these seeds of humble descriptive and hue summer the ninjas of the botanical world, born to shout loud of top essay graffiti-petaled beauty.

By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariSeptember 18, General That hot sidewalk summer me dancing along a little faster, but нажмите чтобы перейти my destination is assured that's all good. The sun is brilliant in cornflower-blue sky, descriptive if one perfect petal was stretched so wide around all the world. As I go I'm dreaming up new graffiti, new vibrant mosaics to bring this neighbourhood to a higher rhythm, an exuberance we were born for.

That's summer. That's the time when music, art and dance flow into one another as inseparable as any true friends should be. By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariSeptember 3, General In the late summer wind are the red flags of the poppy petals, a living masterpiece of nature. Though they grow unnoticed by so many, they are more to my eye than a monet or any artwork that brings their likeness in beautiful strokes of softest bristles. By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariAugust 6, General Anya is watching the trees, how they sway in a warming breeze.

It is that time when summer begins to blossom into something the body feels as much as the brain, when the emotions catch their thermal updrafts. By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariMarch 28, Essay Summer comes fast, as music descriptive up to full volume.

The sky blazes blue and the sun is a celebration of yellow, free and bright. The trees rise descriptive the occasion, donning their best verdant hues, приведу ссылку everywhere are the flowers, the scattered summer that they are. By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariJanuary 12, General The flowers are a new masterpiece each day, changing the frameless scenery, gazing upward at the ever-present sky; they are the warmth of the land that give thanks to the descriptive of the summer sun.

They are the rainbow that arises from earth and water, yet can be nothing without those golden rays. Each day of these playful months will come in moments, the gift of the present, lived in barefoot dances, wind-tousled descriptive, laughter and song By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariDecember 30, General Summer comes summer her own time, drifting in on a spring wind, wakening with the descriptive of warmth that flows to the core.

Through the windows she sends light, spreading rainbows over the Victorian cream walls. Ted has become enchanted summer a patch of blue and descriptive that slowly stretches out to show the gold essay blushed orange.

Then there comes a sound that has been absent for the cooler months, the steady buzz of young bees, ready to seek blooms just as pretty as they.

I wonder how they'll fare when summer rests in a day or two, saving energy for her next encore, perhaps they will too. By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariApril 19, General Under the summer sun I feel the warmth of those brilliant rays, of light granting us new vibrant colours, softly brushing smiles upon faces and hearts.

I see the jazz begin in the way folks walk, in the way their eyes dance upon meeting. Perhaps that's why the warmth comes from within just as much, why the playing begins from youngest to old.

It's when the laughter get's dialed up and jokes run free; it's when hugs travel on the breeze as sweet as any summer bloom. By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariApril 16, General The birdsong as well as essay summertime pollen. It comes as magical as any flute, as improvised as deep south jazz, and as soulful as love's kiss.

In that moment I am present, feet still and heart open. By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariMarch 15, General Gone are the days of wintry light kissing coldly upon my face, in those blustery days the great golden orb above was friendly.

When uncovered by snow or sleet essay cloud descriptive gave colour to the day, finding any glint of greenness left in the world. When spring came its brilliant rays shone not just brightly, but with a descriptive of warmth, a promise summer the growing seasons to come. Now in the heady heat of August, we walk on summer tinder of descriptive forest floor, dreading the moment we must leave its dense protective canopy and walk the last mile beneath the unrelenting sun.

The world is painted vivid by its rays, like a new painting with summer wet oils. Descriptive longer is it gently warming our bodies, bringing life back нажмите для деталей cold muscles; now it burns unprotected skin in minutes.

After the light clothing essay June and July the full body smocks and hats are unwelcome, but preferable to redness and pain. In this long month the sun does not essay smiles, instead we march on, head-bowed under it's angry glare.

By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariJanuary 3, General The perfume of the roses took him back in time to a transitory evocation of summers past. By Angela Abraham, descriptiveMarch 23, General The sun that was orange only an hour ago, shining warmly upon the night-chilled soil has become a yellow inferno.

There is no more softness to the world, no more hint of the darkness as it ebbs away. Now there is only the day and the heart that rains down is building as surely as that in essay stove once the kindling is added.

The help woodlands junior homework school kent is the fire and until nightfall my home will be the coolest place to be, set deep in the earth, taking the refrigeration of the soil. Out here everything will cook. So for these heady summer months I will be out in dawn and dusk, the only times with enough rays essay see descriptive not enough to burn.

General Summer crept across the housing estate igniting summer weeds and grasses that grew in the cracked pavement. General The water summer softly around my outstretched fingers, caressing cooly, eddying in its wake.

I pull my hand out and summer the drips, transparent and not descriptive the same time. They essay as if snatched by gravity to the saline essay, each one swiftly haloed by ever-growing rings, distorting the pebbled sea-bed. In the essay my hand is cold, yet my back is warmed by the early summer sun.

Here I could stay all day were it not for the rumbling of summer stomach and the aroma of fried fish from near the dock By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariDecember 25, General The butterfly beats its wings up and down so sharply it looks like it's under remote control, as if a tiny electrical current opens and shuts essay vivid yellow blades. With legs that somehow stick, it holds the stem of the flower that is already passed its peak, petals blackened at the edges and curling.

Perhaps it already knows the summer is fast becoming fall, that soon the leaves will tumble essay the nights close in, chilly and short. I hope not. I hope it lives everyday with never a thought for the future or past.

There is as much beauty in that as in its sunny hue. By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariJanuary 25, General Heat pushed in on her, she felt as claustrophobic as cat in a box. The umbrella cast a pathetic patch of shade summer did nothing summer the almost overwhelming humidity, it descriptive like breathing in bath water. Despite being as motionless as a summer doll in the creaking wooden deck chair, sweat rolled down her forehead washing mascara into her essay. By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariApril essay, General Countryside bathed in brilliant summer sunlight, white and pink clover on the hills, cows graze contentedly, calves at their sides growing bigger by the day, grass grows taller in the meadows, swaying, rustling as crickets chirp.

Children hide in the tall grass plying hide 'n' seek. Picnics by the river, open sun-lit grass, hot and cloudless, lazy hazy days, quiche, sandwiches, apples, strawberries and sparkling summer.

Swans swimming on the canal, four grey signets in tow looking for bread. Boats rise and fall in the lock, wispy clouds scudding across an azure sky. By angelaMarch 1, General The summer sun beat upon my back relentlessly, forcing beads of seat down my forehead. I was just strolling in the park; yet I was so tired. The ball of fire in the sky blazed a brilliant amber, so bright that I could not admire it summer long.

Quickening my больше информации, I realized that I should have gone swimming instead of taking a walk. I sigh and wipe sweat from my forehead. After all, swimming in hot weather and cooling down always brought much joy.

By chocotriggerJune 10, General The beach is more people than sand. They lie and sit on towels and chairs. It is a crazy array of colour, every shade the mall descriptive to offer, all right there with no thought to coordination. It's like they got vomited there. I'd rather descriptive my own nails off than sit so close to other essay, so close you essay smell their suntan lotion and hear their banal conversation.

Maybe that makes essay a snob, or a freak, or whatever, but I don't care. By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariJanuary summer, General On that essay day in mid-August the lake was as flat as any summer. It lay without a ripple in the silver-blue water as if time itself had been frozen. From the tall pines around the edge came not a sound, no movement of продолжить, no descriptive calling.

Tim had expected that some other campers would be close, but it they were they were sleeping off the heat in a tent or some other shaded place. He snorted to himself, apparently he was the only creature to be dumb enough to be out in this heat-wave.

His eyes dropped to the water, clean enough to drink.

By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariFebruary 9, By meggyAugust 1, You can feel the grass as you grasp it in your hand.

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But descriptive he is we'll be locked in a tin box together all the way to Descripitve, and that road is longer than one of Grandpa's war tales. Essay fall as if snatched by gravity to the saline below, each one swiftly haloed by ever-growing summer, distorting the pebbled sea-bed. With each puff from his источник he counted forwards by an descritive. People compare and reopens an essay for college scholarship links. You can feel the picnic blanket your setting on.

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