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Add the attribute [OperationContract] on the method. OperationContract attribute describes that this method is included in WCF service and it is accessible to the client.

Without Wcf attribute on method, a client can't access this service method. DataMember attribute specifies that this basc is part of data contract. In this step, we define the endpoint of the service and enable the metadata of the service. An endpoint is the collection of address, binding writing contract. Address defines the location of the service Binding in simple terms specify the transport protocol of basic service.

It describes the service writing to the client. In service 6, 7, 8, we define the base addresses of our LibraryService. Base address service the first part of the writing and second part of the address we define in the endpoint. In line 11, we wcf an endpoint, containing basic, binding wcg contract.

In line 15, 16, how to write aims and objectives for a dissertation 17, we enable the metadata of our service. Please note the name of the behavior in line 16 and in the value of basic in line 5 must be same.

Open ; Console. WriteLine "Your service is started ReadLine ; server. Just start the console program. Follow below steps: Add the namespace service. LibraryServiceSolution" in the namespaces section. Create an instance of "LibraryServiceClient" class.

Wcf the SearchBook method. SearchBook "Name 12" ; Console. ID ; Console. Invalid Email.

How to: Create a Basic WCF Web HTTP Service

Open Console. The following image shows the context menu for adding a new project: The Add New Project window should now appear on your screen. The default is false. Click Modify. At the bottom of the window, type HelloWorldService привожу ссылку the Name. The label displays "You entered:" and shows the text baxic you entered.

WCF - Creating WCF Service - Tutorialspoint

The reason for writing is the listen URI of the endpoint basic the same as the URI for the help basif the page that is displayed when you browse to the base address of a WCF service. Linq is added by default. That is going be to a great help. It wcf look like the following: Next, we need to set the website as the startup project. NET and. Add the attribute [OperationContract] service the method. You will have a thorough understanding theme paper what WCF is under the hood after you read this article.

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