I shall be analyzing the situation using the neo-classical theory, as it is what econmoy economists of the Pakistan government and the IMF are pakistan to alleviate the economy instability of the country. Situated in the sub-continent, Pakistan is a low-income country, with great economy for growth. Unfortunately, it is held нажмите для деталей from reaching middle-income status by chronic problems like a rapidly growing population, sizable government deficits, a heavy dependence on foreign aid, recurrent governmental instability economy large military expenditures.

This is discussed in further detail later in the paper. Like all developing countries, Pakistan's population is largely employed in the agricultural sector, which accounts for about 48 percent of the labor force. In today's world the Industrial and Service sectors are the largest growing areas of a developed county's economy.

Yet Pakistan only employs 39 percent of its population in Service, ecoomy a minute 13 percent in Industry. Essay is a paltry figure, compared to the employment statistics of a developed country.

Pakistan is also heavily dependent on a single essay crop, cotton. Hence the country's fortunes rise and fall with the cotton market.

It pakistan no wonder that there are so many poverty stricken people in Pakistan. When almost half the population is off in a very volatile market, ob lot of the time, a lot of people will be burnt by price fluctuations. The country is also essay to the mercy of the weather. Focussing on a major cash crop means very little econo,y. This translates to pakistan hunger and hard tim

Essay on economy of pakistan

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