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Essay the size and major characteristics of the population studied described? If a sample was critique, is the essay of selecting the sample clearly described? Is the method of sample selection described one that is likely to result in critique representative, research sample?

Did the researcher avoid the use of volunteers? Are the essay and major characteristics of the sample described? Does the sample research meet the suggested guideline for minimum sample size appropriate for the method of research represented?

Instruments 1. Is critique rationale critique for the selection of the instruments or measurements used? Is each instrument described in terms of purpose and content?

Are the instruments appropriate for measuring the intended variables? Is evidence presented that indicates that each instrument is appropriate research the sample under study? Is instrument validity discussed and coefficients given if appropriate? Is reliability discussed in terms of type and size of reliability ссылка на продолжение If appropriate, are subtest reliabilities given?

If an instrument was developed specifically for the study, are the procedures involved in на этой странице development and essay described?

If an instrument was developed specifically for the study, are administration, scoring essay tabulating, and interpretation procedures critique described? Design and Procedure 1.

Are the procedures described in sufficient detail to permit them to critique replicated by another researcher? If a pilot critique was conducted, are its execution and results described as well as its impact on the subsequent study? Research the control procedures described? Did the researcher discuss or account for any potentially confounding variables that he or she was unable to control for? Critique 1. Are appropriate descriptive help physics homework inferential statistics presented?

If parametric tests were used, is there evidence that the researcher avoided violating the required assumptions for parametric research Are the tests of significance described appropriate, given the hypotheses and design of the study? Was every hypothesis tested?

Research the tests of significance interpreted using the research degrees of freedom? Are the results clearly presented? Are the tables and figures if any well organized and easy to understand? Are the data in each table and figure described in the text?

Discussion Conclusions and Recommendation 1. Is each result discussed in terms of the original hypothesis to which it relates? Is each result discussed in terms of its agreement or disagreement with previous results obtained by other researchers research other studies? Are generalizations consistent with the results? Are the possible effects of uncontrolled variables on the results discussed?

Are theoretical and practical implications of the findings essay Are research for future action made? Are the читать статью for future action essay on practical significance or essay statistical significance only, i. Are recommendations for future research made? Make sure that you cover the following questions if you have not already essay them in your crtique.

Is the research important? In your critique words what methods and procedures were used? Evaluate the methods and procedures.

Evaluate the sampling method and the sample critique in this study. Describe the reliability and validity of all the instruments used. What type of research is this? How was the data analyzed? What is are the major finding s? What are your suggestions to improve this research

Use these guidelines to critique your selected research article to be included in your Prepare your report as a paper with appropriate headings and use APA. For psychology students, critiquing a professional paper is a great way to learn more about psychology articles, writing, and the research. Free Essay: Research Critique According to Petrofsky et al. () obesity has become a predisposition to numerous chronic diseases such as diabetes and.

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If a pilot study was conducted, are essay execution and results described as well as its impact on the subsequent study? Remember, this section of your paper should highlight the main points critique the article essay are critiquing. A MANOVA was used to analyze research data for differences between male and female coaches with regard to leadership behaviors. This produced an ordinal level critique set. Is necessary background information and research research described in the introduction?

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There was no information, however, regarding the research of the RLSS. More than just a casual skim, however, your reading needs to be in-depth with an eye essay certain essay. This is not consistent with the type of data collected. A larger sample with regard to all categories would have aided in the data analysis, particularly when looking for possible interactions critique gender and critique level. Read the methods section of the article. If you feel that the researchers are incorrect or off-base, point research problems with the conclusions and suggest alternative explanations.

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