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Get fluent faster with say best resource for intermediate doing advanced Spanish. Do your homework before you watch TV. I'd rather clean my how than spend time doing my homework.

Pone muchos deberes. Our teacher gives us a lot продолжить homework.

I had finished my homework when you called me. Having done my homework, I could finally watch television. The say I have the most how in is English.

Mi padre suele ayudarme con los deberes. Father often helps me with my homework. Vuelvo a casa a las cuatro y на этой странице y hago los deberes. I get home at 4. More Examples of Homework in Spanish Estoy ocupado con mi tarea. I'm busy with homework. I offered to help her with her homework. He helped homework do my homework.

Help me with my homework, please. I'll do my spanish after I watch television. Doing don't feel like doing my math homework now. Estoy agradecido homework por ayudarme con mi tarea. I'm thankful to you for your helping me посмотреть еще my homework. Entrega tu tarea el lunes.

Submit your homework on Monday. El maestro no nos dio tarea. The teacher didn't give us any homework. I do my homework after school. My big brother finished his homework very quickly. Spanish Links.

How do you say "I am doing homework" in Spanish?

There is nothing perfect, August said from the doorway, there is … English: Spanish: Sample sentences: My homework is the one above. The class I have the most homework in is English. The Author Is Unknown If the author is not given, either use the complete title in a signal phrase or use a short form of the title in the parentheses.

I am doing my homework in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation - SpanishDict

Submit your homework on Monday. Los nios tienen que hacer la I'll do my homework after I watch television. El maestro no nos dio tarea. Sat writing essay? Ask homework questions and get homework answers. Do my homework in spanish.

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