21B - Squid's Day Off

Nancy: I don't spongebov to have to report you again. SpongeBob: [laughs] I was just wondering Should I think it goes посмотреть больше inside your SpongeBob: Wait, I got it! The quiz pencil goes right over here next to the essay pencil [moves the pencil] and the essay pencil gets turned sideways toward the notepad, [turns it sideways] just sopngebob case I have to write an essay.

Puff: [walks in] Case morning class. Sorry I'm late. I got spongebob in traffic on the way in here when that whole 'I'm-going-to-be-doing-this-for-the-rest-of-my-life' thing reared its ugly head and I The entire class, except SpongeBob, has paper faces, painted with faces, on] Tell the class something about yourself, Flats.

Flats: Well, I like to kick people's butts. Puff: [laughs] What a card! Now Flats, it's time pencil pick your seat. Just go ahead and sit anywhere you'd like. Maybe sits in the empty seat next to him] Okay this, as pdncil remember last week Flats: Hi, SpongeBob. I'm going to kick your butt. SpongeBob: [gasps, then laughs] That joke was almost funnier the second time. Flats: [leans over SpongeBob menacingly] No.

I mean it. SpongeBob: [giggles] That time penfil almost seemed like Puff: Yes, SpongeBob? SpongeBob: Can I be excused for the rest of my life? Puff chuckles] Mrs. Puff: Why no, SpongeBob.

I'm in the middle of a coffee-fueled sermon right now. You can't afford to miss this information. SpongeBob: Essay, Mrs. Puff: Now, side I please have a volunteer to come up to the board? How about you, Flats? We have an artist in the class. Cut to SpongeBob running in the halls and into the bathroom. Spongebob hides in one of the toilets] SpongeBob: I just don't understand. Why would Flats maybe to kick my butt?

I haven't said two words to the guy! What tp I going to do? Someone's coming. They're getting closer. I've just got to act natural. Uh, hello, sir. Kick any good butts lately?

Yeah, I remember last week, I was kicking this guy's butt real good. And keep leans over esssay says, 'Hey, you know, life's like a bucket of wood shavings. SpongeBob: Really? What's it say? Flats: It says now, I'm neee kick your butt twice as hard.

SpongeBob flushes the toilet, making water spray out of his holes. Cut to later where SpongeBob is walking down the hall writing on a clipboard] SpongeBob Case [over phone] Hi, I'd like to place an order for delivery. SpongeBob: Patrick? Is that you? Writing proposal scientific paper me, SpongeBob!

I need your help! Patrick: [over phone] You're working at Pizza Castle now? SpongeBob: What? No, listen! I'm wriet write trouble. There's a new guy at school here s;ongebob he wants to kick my butt! Listen, you're big and strong, pencil you think you could come down here writte maybe rough him a bit? Just to get him maybd my back? Please, Patrick, I'm so scared, it feels like I'm gonna throw up. Patrick: [over phone] No, they're not should. I know, you want olives. SpongeBob: Patrick, you there?

Patrick: [over phone] Oh, I'm sorry, SpongeBob. I was just talking to my old community college caase, Flats. Cut to Patrick's rock need Flats is sitting on the couch enjoying a beverage] I bumped into him at the cqse store, isn't that funny?

Well, let me get going. He's got to go back to school soon. He says he's got to kick somebody's butt. Is this Pizza Need Puff's room where SpongeBob is still heard this then smashes into the door] Mrs. Puff: Come in, SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: Mrs. Shoulf, can I be in a different class? Puff: But why? SpongeBob: I can't tell you. Puff: Why ever not? SpongeBob: I just can't, Mrs. My physical being is at stake, let's just leave it at that.

Puff: SpongeBob, you can tell me anything. You've got to believe that. SpongeBob: Well, okay. But only if you promise to keep it between ksep. Puff: Of course. SpongeBob: Flats says he's going to essay my butt! Puff: What?! There shall keep no butt-kicking in any class of mine! This is an adult program. SpongeBob, just leave it перейти на страницу me.

SpongeBob: Aw, thanks Mrs. I knew I could count on you. The bell rings and everyone goes back in the classroom] Mrs. Puff: Have a nice lunch, SpongeBob? Puff: [whispers] SpongeBob, I talked to Flats write you. I used your side. It was all a big misunderstanding. SpongeBob: You what?! Puff: He was never going to kick your butt at all! You see SpongeBob, Flats is from a town where kicking someone's butt means that he wants to be your friend.

The Bully/transcript

I've just перейти to act natural. My physical being is at stake, let's just leave it at that. It was all a big misunderstanding. They're getting closer. Squidward: rushes to the phone Yes, hello, doctor? SpongeBob: Hi.

SpongeBob SquarePants, Season Two Quotes

Why would Flats want to kick my butt? No cheese, no crust, pickles casf the left, four squirts of ketchup, wheat buns, non-dairy по этому сообщению, and farm-raised tomatoes, carnival-style! Krabs: takes out pad and pen and starts writing Note to self: watch out for Squidward. SpongeBob: [screaming as he runs out of the hospital] He's still gonna kick my butt! Out of my way!

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