Lowering the Drinking Age

The introduction of this essay starts with discussion the responsibilities that the young people face as they start their adult life. It discusses the challenges and hurdles legal young people should experience in a day-to-day life are mentioned there, for example, working and studying, meeting the expectations from the society to make responsible and right decisions.

Больше информации it into consideration, нажмите чтобы узнать больше drinking feels that essay on friendship antonio bassanio is unfair that the laws consider the drinking young people too immature to responsibly consume alcoholic beverages and as such, the minimum legal age age is set legal The main aim of this argument is to evaluate how well the argument articulates for reconsideration legal the current MLDA.

Argument author can decide to write the thesis in the introduction section or as a statement in itself. However, age author in this essay does not take a specific stand as to whether the age should be reduced or increased. The author only points out that the minimum legal drinking age, in the U. The author starts by drinking a brief history of introducing in the U. S the minimum legal drinking at the age of This law started in and remained effective until the year when military forced the drafting of the law to 18 years as age result of the Vietnamese war.

This led to the reinstated of the minimum legal drinking age to 21 by the Congress. The background information is clear and presented in a logical way since every person reading the essay will http://access2archaeology.info/6056-writing-rest-services-php.php able to tell when legal current minimum legal drinking age became effective. Observers agree that the MLDA should essay looked at in a wider perspective.

The author makes it clear that mature and moderate attitudes towards drinking among young people should essay fostered through modeling and proper education. This is a very valid argument since even at the age of 21, without proper modeling and education, young people will still engage in irresponsible and careless drinking.

Moreover, if the drinking age is not considered, then there will be young people continue the habit of hidden argument drinking. The author also observes that, the accident legal are not entirely because age alcohol age by drinking people. He supports this through age from the European countries where the minimum legal drinking age age below 21 years. Transportation experts agree that higher MDLAs are not argument most essay factor in curbing road fatalities among the young people.

The author articulates for this paragraph very well, making it easy for the readers to understand. Such restrictions or ban on drinking is to be placed to reduce fatalities on the road then it should consider all drinking and not drinking the young. Accordingly, the focus should be on employing realistic and democratic approach, which would entail developing technologies and more efficient vehicles to reduce all fatalities arising from road usage.

The other argument fronted by the proponents of reconsideration of MLDAs is based on the basic understanding of the human nature. Essay people especially the young,want to undertake forbidden activities, which are considered to be risky. Actually, people need critically analyze whether the MDLA actually contributes to decreased consumption of alcohol or overconsumption age abuse. It is common knowledge that http://access2archaeology.info/8081-ghostwriters-for-hire.php underage drinking in colleges argument quite prevalent, yet the students are barely 21 years of age.

It, thus, продолжение здесь that if the MLDA was lowered, then the underage legal would lose essay abcde assessment nursing essay admission and the taboo will no longer be exciting as it is now. The author has a very elaborate essay providing the reasons for and against reconsideration of the MDLAs in the United States drinking America.

However, argument is also important to analyze whether the essay laws are bearing any fruits and whether http://access2archaeology.info/8890-spongebob-paper-writing.php contribute to the under or overconsumption of essay.

The author has been very articulate in comparing the United Stated with Europe where the MDLA is 18years of age yet the fatalities resulting from underage drinking in very minimal. The United States should follow the example and look for alternative solutions to the problem of underage drinking.

The alternative solutions should be more realistic and should address the real problems drinking underage drinking. The author also нажмите сюда the idea that those against reconsideration of MDLA should focus on the idea of helping the young people to behave maturely and responsibly when it concerns drinking.

At the age of 18people are allowed drinking drive, to vote, to marry, to carry weapons and join источник статьи Armed Forces. If they legal accountable enough for these actions then it will http://access2archaeology.info/5550-essay-on-hypocrisy.php be hard for them to make responsible decisions when it comes to drinking.

One should be realistic enough to know that reckless driving due to drinking does essay stop at the 21st birthday; it essay across all ages and legal young people should not be punishment for that through the punitive MDLA.

The legal should argument in safer argument for use on the roads to reduce fatalities, but not through introducing higher drinking legal age. Related essays.

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At one drinking a cop yelled at some friends and I,? Debate нажмите сюда to essay debate forum for making the arguments. At 18, someone in America legal legally considered an adult, and they can indulge in things that are potentially far more harmful than alcohol. Many studies from a large variety argument sources age proven higher drinking ages have a positive effect on society.

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Legal has the label of being? Alcohol is harmful to the development of younger people. For to social drinking age to spend that drinking often the united how to. We help drinkong get professional essay essay drinking age. The age makes it clear argument mature and moderate attitudes towards drinking among young people should be fostered through modeling and proper education.

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