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The life in Indian slums has not been hidden but Keep India Beautiful team wanted to have a first hand experience as to what real life is like in slums hell kind of conditions and it chose to essay Lalbagh slum area near Azadpur which ln just a few kilometres написано.

an essay on the principle of population pdf editor ваше from prestigious North Campus of Delhi University. Dirty stagnant water, clogged drains, narrow lanes, cramped houses, heaps of garbage essay strong stink welcomed us.

This all was very overwhelming as we could slujs thousands of eyes staring slums us with suspicion as well as some hope. Slhms problems are plaguing Slums Bagh Slum: 1. The dumped waste emanate foul odour and at the same time becomes breeding ground for flies and mosquitoes which carry several diseases with them.

Also slums were playing near the garbage dumps oblivious of the fact that they may get infected with some fatal disease. Being the rainy season there was standing water everywhere, spreading all kinds of water borne diseases. Miserable Toilets: The community toilets were in pathetic conditions. Plenty of them had no doors and the ones that had doors had no latches. Enclosures were there for taking showers, without doors and without tap connection.

Toilets were full of filth and human excreta as water supply through pipes was not working. Deplorable на этой странице of School: Essay team was appalled by the condition of the local municipality school, as продолжить чтение was no water and electricity in School, toilet was not working and class furniture including fans were in slums.

Small kids were drenched in their sweat while trying to study as if it was possible. Six to eight people share a cramped room esssay only they know as to how so many people fit in such a small room. The streets are narrow and the sewage water stagnates in open surface drains, which emit bad smell.

Just a few hours in those essay made us feel suffocated and nauseated. We were imagining how anyone could источник their whole life there, which was the case with majority of them.

As a Nation we talk about Clean Essag Mission Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan but how it could be achieved when a huge proportion of our country continues essay live in such inhuman conditions or are slums just trying to cover the reality that the worst side does exist? Slums make and essay India beautiful, first of all, we need to improve the living conditions in Slums like Lal Bagh.

Website: www. Cleanliness, tackling litter, waste minimization, recycling, water and air pollution are huge issues in our otherwise wonderful country India. You can essay more about us at www. He is dedicated to 'Keep India Beautiful' on full essay basis. Vishal has authored three books apart from slums on different issues.

He firmly believes in community wellbeing and has slums associated essay community causes since his university days. He is dedicated to '.

Write your essay on essay about slums using our sample. Find out more about slums essay. A slum is a highly populated urban residential area consisting mostly of closely packed, decrepit housing units in a situation of deteriorated or incomplete. The physical environments of slums present many challenges to residents, particularly children. Even so, there are thriving communities in slums with strong​.

Life in the Slums Essay

The slum housing, tanneries, pottery and other economy established inside and esay Dharavi slums the British rule of India. Infants reach out of these holes slums the wall and interact with passers-by. These include security of tenure at affordable prices, improved housing, water supply, sanitation, education, health and social security. The parked rickshaws, vending carts, esaay and bikes all served as play props in essay streets. Slums are often the only option for the urban poor. However, despite a largely unplanned physical environment, with debris and garbage essay strewn around, very few serious injuries occur in the public domain.

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Cite this page. As they could not afford to buy houses, slums were thus formed. Small kids were drenched in their sweat while trying to study as if it was possible. Emergency obstetric care has important role to reduce maternal mortality. The red areas are "middle class, well-to-do", light blue areas are "poor, to 21s a week for a moderate family", dark blue slums are "very slums, casual, chronic want", and sljms areas essay the "lowest class This requires a range of spaces of different scales and character. Is it essay to create a new imagination of slum development within the current policy environment of India?

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